• Grilled meat and green vegetables
  • Clams with spices:
  • Interior, bar area
Tavern of Little Italy Logo

About us

When a group of friends decided to bring something new to the historic neighborhood, the result was the Tavern of Little Italy – TOLI. Some deep-rooted, others newly-planted, together they created a hard to define tavern where red wine meets 14 taps of craft beer – where meatballs meet fish tacos.

The time, sweat, and talent “from the hands of many” gutted, built, and renovated a 100-year old home that is now the Tavern of Little Italy. A 30-foot bar, surrounded by rustic design, creates an air of familiar comfort.

On the food front, TOLI is more than a neighborhood bar. Its kitchen is dedicated to local fresh and imaginative cuisine. Its beer selection, both on tap and bottled, has been carefully selected with the hope of offering both diversity and established flavors.

TOLI features multiple, high-definition big screen tvs for faithful Cleveland sports fans. A private dining room is available for groups of 50 and under. There are also three different outdoor eating spaces, from sidewalks to alley to back patio. TOLI is located in the heart of Cleveland Little Italy, where Murray Hill Road meets Mayfield Road – “the top of the T”.